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Good character back growned but the only flaws are that One hollowfictation will kill Quincies and the only people that would conductin...



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I have update my Kaiju heads write boigraph of some.
Hello every body i have return my muse has wakened from it long sleep not i am work one Some new Bleach idea and Hollow mask these next drawings will be of My own fan fictio Have not yet written them do to Bad write and typing.the Fan fiction is a Alternate Bleach work were Ichigo is be watch by a being with hollow power .what is the Being? how doe he have Quincy abilities ? If he a Arroncar why doe not have a Hollow hole ?Why has he help Ishida ,Orihime and Chad train they powers ?what is his Objective? How is the guy that Tatsuki fight and hanging out with but no has seen him?Why does the Mask Stranger Refer to Ichigo kind ?what his Grudge against Grande fisher ,Aizen and the Quincy King? Can ichigo Trust the mask stranger or is he a Foe?

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